September 11, 2016
Best RC plane for beginners: Picking the right RC plane!

Do you want to learn how to fly RC planes but having trouble finding the correct plane for you? In this post we’ll discuss : what is the best RC plane for beginners? Like most of our other buying guides, this guide is split up into two sections – Buying considerations like price, availability of parts, […]

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May 18, 2016
RC soaring: An intro to flying gliders/sailplanes

Do you think flying RC helicopters, quadcopters and planes are fun? You better know that you haven’t seen all the ‘fun’ yet! Gliders arguably offer the most exhilarating experience of all flying machines. You may think you need a battery or fuel powered motor to stay up in the sky and that your flight times […]

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April 9, 2016
How to fly RC planes: A Beginner Initiation

So you want to get into and learn how to fly RC planes? You do not know where to start? In this in-depth but quickly readable guide, we shall cover everything from how to choose your first RC plane to how to take-off and land to moving around in the air and even some basic […]

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