The first ever “robot” I built was a line following Arduino board on wheels. The completion of that project, however simple it may have been, gave me one of the most satisfactory feelings I’ve ever had in my life. It felt like giving life to something!

I’ve also loved heading out and flying all sorts of radio controlled crafts – planes, helicopters and gliders. With first person view cameras, they feel like an extension of yourself that can fly. Who hasn’t dreamed of flying like an eagle?

Drones caught my attention when I built a quadcopter to assist my students for a University project. The moment I took control of the transmitter and flew one, I was absolutely HOOKED! Although I didn’t suffer too many problems because of prior experience with RC, I realized that flying skillfully is no joke for beginners.

DroneyBee was born as a result of my attempt to help drone pilots and is dedicated to providing useful information for matters related to drones and the RC world. We are now a team of 3, committed to bringing the best and most useful content for you!

– V Kadamatt

DroneyBee covers the following:

  • Tips and guides on flying, building and maintaining your drones and RC crafts
  • News and latest trends
  • Information regarding regulations for flying drones both for hobby and commercial purposes (Note: Not a substitute for professional legal advice)
  • Reviews to help you make better buying decisions

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to use the contact us page!