March 19, 2016
LiPo battery tutorial: The concise beginner guide


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February 28, 2016
How to Fly a Quadcopter: Eightfold Missions to Mastery

Welcome to this guide, fledgling pilot. We hope you treat How to fly a quadcopter: The eightfold missions to mastery as your hand-guide on how to go from an absolute newbie to an enlightened Jedi multirotor pilot. This how to fly a quadcopter guide is a series eight missions, mostly arranged in increasing difficulty. You […]

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February 11, 2016
Quadcopter blade rotation and lift : How and why

In this post we shall address some of the very basics of the physics of how quadcopter blade rotation works and why it works that way. Aerodynamics and aviation is a complex subject in and of itself, and the very many subtleties and mathematics of it goes beyond the scope of this post. For a […]

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