Thanks! The guide you requested should arrive in the email address you provided in a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, here are the three most important things that will enable you to stand out from the crowd as a drone pilot:

    • Develop your drone skills before attempting to perform photography, videography, land surveying or FPV.
    • Learn how to build and repair your drone, in case something happens mid flight .
    • Learn and master flying your drone in patterns that will level up your skills in the most efficient manner. Master the most useful aerial photography/videography techniques. If you are performing land surveying, then it comes down to mastering a set of tools. Like Bruce Lee put it: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

Introducing: The Drone Mastery System... 

A Proven Step-By-Step System To Level Up Your Skills And Become A Professional Drone Pilot.

What is the Drone Mastery System?

  • Step-by-step guides to improve your drone piloting, building & repairing, aerial photography & videography and drone surveying and mapping skills
  • Step by step framework for starting your own drone business or securing a drone job – either part-time or full time.
  • In-depth case studies of how different drone businesses were started from scratch by solo undertakers to making high incomes.
  • Life-Long updates to industry changes and constantly evolvingThe drone industry is evolving fast. Once you get the drone mastery package, you will have access to newer editions with changes and updates for life, including new expansions!

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This system is for you if...

  • You want to improve your drone flying abilities and take it to PRO level.
  • You want to learn how to build and repair multirotor drones.
  • Improve your aerial photography and videography skills.
  • Learn how to do land surveying and mapping with drones.
  • Become a professional drone pilot and start a drone business or get a drone job.

What’s inside the Drone Mastery System?

The Drone Pilot’s Manual

A step-by-step manual to help you become a professional pilot capable of leveraging advanced piloting skills.

Drone Building and Repairing

Learn everything you need to know about multirotors as a drone pilot and gain the technical skills to build and repair your multirotor drones.

Drone Photography & Videography Guidebook

Learn the necessary skills and techniques to capture stunning drone aerial photographs and videos.

Drone Battery Maintenance and Building

Make sense of battery ratings, pick the right battery for your drone and learn how to properly charge, balance, discharge, store, revive and increase the life cycle of your batteries. Also learn how to build custom battery packs

The Drone Business Blueprint

Learn how to brainstorm drone business ideas based on your current skill level, figure out budget, create a framework for getting clients and retaining them, structure your drone services and set up the right prices. Also learn how to scale your business to offering multiple different services.

Drone Land Surveying and Mapping Guide

Learn how to complete a land surveying and mapping workflow by mastering the process of flight planning, setting up and getting the flight right, capturing images, processing and post-processing them.

Get instant access to Drone Mastery System now!

If you really love drones, then think no further. This ever evolving system will always be adapted to meet new industry challenges and be refined based on constant testing. Get it now before prices go up!

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Learn to fly safer, fly better and be on-par with the PROs

Fastest way to become a drone pilot with skills that'll attract envy : Our method to build multirotor drone piloting skills evolves directly from the classical days of RC helicopters. We have taken a tried and true method used by RC helicopter pilots for decades before multirotors came into the picture and adapted it for multirotors. The result on new pilots? EXCELLENT!

Learn how to build and repair multirotor drones: At the professional level, any number of things can go wrong to impede your drone flying endeavor.  This includes broken or unbalanced props, broken motors, gimbal obstructions, body imbalances and many other malfunctions. Knowing multirotors intimately and how to build and repair them will set you apart from other drone pilots.

Get better flight times from your drones: The battery is perhaps one of the most important and sensitive part of your drone. Knowing how to manage and install the correct battery for your drone will not only give you better flight times but also prevent potential hazards.

Methods to capture excellent aerial photographs and videos deconstructed: Just about anyone can take a drone up in the sky, tilt the camera down and call it a day. Taking quality pictures and video is no walk in the park. Learn what is really important!

Learn to do basic land mapping and surveying: If your goal is to make some money with your drone, then learning how to perform a land surveying and mapping workflow will get you ahead in the game, arguably even more so than knowing how to capture aerial photographs and video.

"We are glad we found the Drone Mastery System. It is the most concise and to the point set of manuals that helped us boost our multirotor flying skills extremely quickly. We are also now capable of actually capturing great aerial videos!"

Scott and Jen Pulliam, RC Enthusiasts and Para Sailors.

​"Drones piqued my interest when I saw them being applied for land surveying and construction. Thanks to the Drone Mastery System, I've been able to confidently pilot a drone and apply it to my construction and land surveying operations"

Imitaz, Engineer and Land Surveyor.

What do you get?

  • The Drone Pilot's Manual
  • The Drone Building and Repairing Manual
  • The Drone Photography and Videography Manual
  • The Drone Battery Maintenance and Building Guidebook
  • The Drone Business Blueprint
  • The Drone Land Surveying and Mapping Manual
  • Case Studies of drone businesses that were started from scratch 

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Like most good things in life, there are no overnight miracles or magic pills when it comes to getting better at drones and using them. Success always takes time and effort.

Try the drone mastery system for 30 days. If you aren’t happy or do not get the results you want for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. No questions, no hard feelings.

"With the advent of new technologies come new opportunities. Exploring new domains for decades since I started career training for technology, I wanted to understand drones, how to operate them and fully utilize them. I highly recommend The Drone Mastery System to any organization wanting to train their employees to operate and utilize drones in their business"  

Shirish P Sebastian, Technology and Innovation Career Trainer

"After being in the navy for more than a decade, I wanted to start a business in something that I love doing. Drones seemed like an interesting prospect. The drone mastery system helped me get good at piloting and operating a drone. I now successfully run an aerial surveying business."

Timmothy Hammonds, Port Engineer and Aerial Surveyor 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How often will the drone mastery package be updated?

How effective is this system, if there are no videos?

Why is it cheaper than most other drone courses? 

Is there a guarantee?

Get instant access to Drone Mastery System now!

If you really love drones, then think no further. This ever evolving system will always be adapted to meet new industry challenges and be refined based on constant testing. Get it now!

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